Search Engine Promotion

If you’re not listed on the first page of a search engine then the chances are you customers will not find you. We can help to get you listed for the search terms that actually matter.

Red Rose Internet offer a number of SEO Services all specifically tailored to your own website.

A key element to online success is to drive visitors to the website, today Google is the prime search engine of choice and all our websites are designed to maximise the placements within Google.

If you have a website that just isn’t getting the returns you are expecting or want to improve your rankings form the search engines give us a call for a friendly no obligation chat.

Why is there a monthly SEO service fee? Why not do the Optimization all at once?

This is a question we are asked frequently, Search engines like to see websites grow at a natural pace. If a website gains links too quickly, it can have negative effects on search engine ranking. For that reason, our SEO work is done on a monthly basis, spreading the work out over a measured period of time. Employing this method maximises search engine placement.

Spreading the SEO work over time also has the benefit of indicvating to the search engines that your site is constantly changing and needs to be indexed frequently, rather than a “dead” site which has not posted any new information for several months.